The Metis Group, Inc. provides state of the art behavioral science consultation, research, and analysis to support the security missions of the U.S. Government and the private sector.

Our professional staff is composed of active/retired Law Enforcement, Operational Psychologists, and Intelligence professionals -all recognized national leaders in developing, researching, and supervising and practicing behavioral support for law enforcement, intelligence/counterintelligence, and defense operations and investigations. Our staff has between 15 and 30 years of experience related to operational consultation; have worked extensively in support of counterintelligence and other criminal investigations; and have distinguished backgrounds in interviewing, direct and indirect assessment, and the ethics of operational consultation.

Our focused mission, institutional knowledge and expertise sets Metis apart from any other firm in the Nation, and our size affords us the agility to be maximally responsive to the client's needs, to carefully monitor the quality of services provided, and to support leadership and innovation in national security/operations.

The Metis Group values and is driven by the synthesis of research and operational wisdom, and aspires to the highest ethical and professional standards in all of our professional work through peer-consultation and reflective learning. Metis has a proven track record of successful performance providing and managing behavioral science services for key government security agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security (DHS); the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

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