The Metis Group, Inc.


Threat Assessment: Metis specializes in assessing the nature and degree of risk posed by individuals and groups and developing strategies to manage and mitigate that risk.

Protective Intelligence: Metis can evaluate organizational (public and private) protective and security strategies and provide recommendations to ensure integration and best practice compliance.

Operational Support: Metis provides behavioral case consultation and support to intelligence operators and law enforcement investigators on source/asset management activities including recruitment, vetting, tasking, debriefing, problem resolution, and termination. Our capabilities include reviewing complex background materials, performing indirect assessments, and assisting with the design of safe, legal, ethical, and effective interview or interrogation goals and strategies.

Personnel Security & Selection: Metis has extensive expertise and experience with polygraph processing, and assessment and selection of operational personnel.

Training: Metis provides training for government and non-governmental organizations, including state, local and federal law enforcement agencies, on protective/protective intelligence operations, terrorism, security awareness, cultural/geographic considerations in threat/risk assessment, and mental health considerations for law enforcement.

Operational Research: Metis conducts basic and applied behavioral research studies, which focus on incident-related behaviors and are driven by investigative, intelligence, and operational questions in order to help develop operationally relevant policies and practices for its clients.


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